Monday, October 16, 2017

Term 4 of 2017 Last term of the year - let's make it count !

Welcome back to Tern 4 !

It was lovely to have a full house today and see the energy everyone has again.

Please welcome Leanne to our  lovely classroom.  We are lucky to have Leanne, our Learning assistant,  with us Monday - Thursday 9am till 1230 .

As the children are progressing you will notice that I change things up for them, they are well settled and can tackle challenges with a growth mindset now so they can  deal with changes and new routines positively.

We continue to focus on the ORCA values , what they look like in action and how they can demonstrate their values naturally  in their daily lives, both at school and at home.  It is heart warming to hear stories of values they have recognised that they use at home.

Being conscious of how we live our values is a very important step to becoming unconsciously competent and able to make a difference in our world.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Week 10

Week 10 

Congratulations Daniel for consistently showing ownership for his learning. Making sure he has all the information he needs to try hard and do his best work. Well done !

This week is our last week of term 3 . The children have had a wonderful start to their schooling at Whangaparaoa. They are beginning to manage themselves really well, following routines and creating good habits.  I would love to hear how the children have continued to live their values at home over the holidays - please check out the "living our values" page for ideas. I will send home a holiday diary for those who would like to share their ideas when we come back to school (-:   

Sunday, September 17, 2017

week 9

Week 9 

This Friday is mufti day where the children can wear mufti and bring a can of food please.
We are supporting the local Salvation Army to stock their food banks for our local community who are in need of essential food items.

Congratulations to Lukas who was awarded an ORCA values certificate in last weeks assembly for his continued conscientious attitude towards learning and his kind and caring attitude towards his classmates.
He takes ownership of his learning by seeking out help when he is not sure or needs some guidance and he is a collaborative as he supports his classmates in his kind and caring ways.  

Sunday, September 10, 2017

week 8

Week 8 - book week and Maori language week

Week 8 

Photographs on Monday !

Book week

Team Shearer are having a Dr. Seuss focus - we will be eating green eggs and ham whilst looking for cats in hats! For maths we will be counting fish. In reading time we definitely won't be reading with our eyes shut !
We might spend some time looking for wockets in pockets and other such things, oh the places we will go !!!!! 
If you would like to come in and read at the end of the day for us please let me know, the children, as you know, loooooovvvvvveeeee a story and so you are most welcome to spend a little time reading just before the bell Monday to Thursday this week (-:

Maori Language week

We use Te Reo daily in our class , to celebrate Maori language week we will be learning some new songs and lots of phrases to use daily - listen out ! We will also be looking following instructions to make poi and learn a routine. We will be exploring the art works of Warren Pohatu and hopefully be inspired to create our own works of art.

During literacy and Maths we will be reflecting on our next learn steps , reviewing what we have learnt so far, and where to next so that the children have their own learning goals and know how they can achieve them

Saturday, August 26, 2017

                         Week 6 updates

We will be visiting Motat in week 7 (Wednesday 6th Sept)

It is Random of acts of kindness day on Friday - L1 are bucket fillers  - a resource for learning about kindness ! So watch out for someone filling your bucket o Friday afternoon!

This week I will gather all offers to come with us and help and let you know as soon as I can who we are able to take as spaces will be limited. Thankyou so much for all the offers to come and help, we really appreciate it.

Please ensure you have signed and returned the permission slip and paid at the office , many thanks.

Just a littler reminder to have a rummage in your child's book bag. I send notes home in there (-:

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Week 5

Week 5 

This week we have:
Check in meetings on Tuesday - please book online 

 Cross country on Thursday from 1pm till 2pm

Assembly on Friday 2:20 pm

L1 had a vote on Friday and they would like lots of their learning to be related to  "under the water" ideas. Please feel free to let your child bring in any artefacts or favourite books related to the topic and they can be displayed on our interest table and added to our learning kete for discussion/ research.  
Just to explain for you,  in L1 we vote on a theme of interest for the children roughly each fortnight so that we can have active  participation and decisions made by the students, on a basic level at the moment, about the content / theme for their learning. This is very engaging for the children, and will often centre on our reading of big books, writing and art work. 

Our whole school guided Inquiry is not the same as L1 theme of interest but rather it is a  process for learning and we teach the children the skills to be able to construct their own understandings in all aspects of their learning. Along side this we have a termly whole school focus, wether it be a science or social study focus.  This term it is a social focus of "movement"


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Week 4

Week 4

L1 will be introduced to our Values mascot in week 4 and he will visit a child's home each weekend to share in their free time. This is not a competitive process, it is designed to make the links to our values explicit across a child's whole life.  I will work through the roll and everyone will bring our class values mascot home (-:

Click the link to find out more. L1 will be participating eagerly because we love maths!

It's assembly on Friday at 2:20pm - Team Osborne are presenting and children love an audience, so come and join us !

Don't forget next week - 22nd August is 'check in meeting' day. You can book via the school website under 10th August school newsletter.
If you cant make it and would like a chat you can catch me before school or after school or you can make another time that suits,  just come and chat (-:   

It's going to be a rainy week but we will endeavour to continue our cross country practice when we can. 

Term 4 of 2017 Last term of the year - let's make it count !

Welcome back to Tern 4 ! It was lovely to have a full house today and see the energy everyone has again. Please welcome Leanne to our  ...